Mount Cotton Road

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Mount Cotton Road

Mount Cotton Road roundabout at Capalaba.JPG
Roundabout at which Mount Cotton Roadd divides into 3 branches, east of Tingalpa Creek, dividing Capalaba and Sheldon
General information
Length26.5 km (16 mi)[1]
Route number(s)
  • State Route 21 (Burbank–Capalaba/Sheldon)
  • State Route 45 (Capalaba–Carbrook/Cornubia)
Mount Cotton Road is a split road
Major junctions
West end Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road (State Route 21), Burbank, near Mackenzie
East end Duncan Road (State Route 21), Capalaba/Sheldon
North end Redland Bay Road (State Route 44), Capalaba, near Old Cleveland Rd
South end Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road (State Route 47), Carbrook/Cornubia
Major suburbsBurbank, Capalaba, Sheldon, Mount Cotton, Carbrook, Cornubia

Mount Cotton Road, or Mt Cotton Rd, is a major split road in the Brisbane area of South East Queensland. It runs in both an east-west direction between Burbank (Brisbane) and Sheldon (Redlands), and a north-south direction between Capalaba (Redlands) and Carbrook (Logan). In total, the road is approximately 26.5 kilometres (16.5 mi) long, and is split at a three-way roundabout.[1]

The road is notable for connecting three adjacent local government areas of Queensland: the City of Brisbane, Redland City, and the City of Logan.[2] As there are no highways in this region east of the Gateway and Pacific Motorways,[1] Mount Cotton Road often provides the fastest link between the three cities (more so regarding the south-east of Brisbane and north-east of Logan).


The branching segments of Mount Cotton Road were originally known by multiple different names. The Burbank segment, west of the aforementioned roundabout, was once known as Broadwater Road, while the resulting northern branch was known as Capalaba School Road.[3]

Initially, Mount Cotton Road would have referred to the path travelled by the earliest colonial settlers of Mount Cotton in the mid-1800s.[4] As the surrounding region grew and became better-connected, the name spread to some adjoining roads, causing the multi-branched structure of Mount Cotton Rd today.

Much of the road was once surrounded by farmland. This was gradually replaced with residential properties, prompting the roadside construction of: the Carbrook Lutheran Cemetery and Church in the 1870s;[5] Capalaba State School in 1880; telephone lines, a community hall, and an avicultural farm in 1935-36;[6] a store and post office in 1948; a Salvation Army hall in 1960;[3] and Capalaba Park Shopping Centre in 1981.

With the construction of the Leslie Harrison Dam in the 1960s, the portions of the road near Tingalpa Creek were upgraded.[3]

Sections of Mt Cotton Rd have since been identified as dangerous driving areas, due to high incidences of crashes with other cars and wallabies,[7] leading to investigations in recent years.[8][9]

Mt Cotton Road has been identified as a terminus point for the Coomera Connector, a highway project designed to parallel the M1.


Carbrook Lutheran Cemetery, located near the southern end of Mount Cotton Road.

Significant remaining structures and natural landmarks located along Mount Cotton Road include:

Major intersections[edit]

The east-west section has no major intersections.
The north-south section is shown below.

Redland CityCapalaba00.0 Redland Bay Road (State Route 44) - north-west - Capalaba /
south-east - Alexandra Hills
Northern end of Mount Cotton Road (State Route 45)
0.450.28 Moreton Bay Road (State Route 22) - west - Chandler /
east - Alexandra Hills
Capalaba -
Sheldon boundary
4.52.8 Broadwater Road (State Route 21) - west - BurbankNorthern concurrency terminus with State Route 21
6.84.2 Duncan Road (State Route 21) - east - Thornlands /
Lyndon Road - north - Alexandra Hills
Southern concurrency terminus with State Route 21
Mount Cotton12.67.8Double Jump Road - north-east - Victoria Point
15.59.6Valley Way - east - Redland Bay
Logan CityCornubia -
Carbrook boundary
20.112.5 Beenleigh Redland Bay Road (State Route 47) - west - Cornubia /
east - Carbrook
Southern end of Mount Cotton Road
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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Coordinates: 27°35′1.5″S 153°13′22.3″E / 27.583750°S 153.222861°E / -27.583750; 153.222861