Mount Crean

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Mount Crean is one of the westernmost peaks in the dry valley region of South Victoria Land in Antarctica. It lies at 77°53′S 159°30′E / 77.883°S 159.500°E / -77.883; 159.500Coordinates: 77°53′S 159°30′E / 77.883°S 159.500°E / -77.883; 159.500, rises to 8,630 feet (2,630 m), and is the highest summit in the Lashly Mountains. It is named after the Irish explorer Tom Crean, who was a member of both of Captain Scott's Antarctic expeditions (Discovery, 1901–04 and Terra Nova, 1910–13), and served as second officer on Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914–17.

In the 2000–01 summer season a meteorite was found on Mount Crean by a geological party.


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