Mount Damper Falls

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Mount Damper Falls, Summer 2007

Mount Damper Falls is a waterfall on the North Island of New Zealand. It is located in the Stratford District in Taranaki. At 74 metres, the falls are one of the highest in the North Island,[1] although they rank behind Wairere, Ananui and Waitakere Falls.

It is sometimes claimed[citation needed] that it is also the second highest falls in New Zealand but this is incorrect. Mount Damper Falls is dwarfed by many waterfalls on the South Island such as Browne Falls (619m or 836m) and Sutherland Falls (580m).

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Coordinates: 38°55′11.9″S 174°47′18.3″E / 38.919972°S 174.788417°E / -38.919972; 174.788417