Mount Dingjun

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For the 1905 film, see The Battle of Dingjunshan (film).

Mount Dingjun (pinyin: Dìngjūn Shān) is a mountain in the Mian County of Hanzhong, Shaanxi, China. It is situated across Tiandang Mountain, separated by the Han River, and is near the old Yangping Pass.

The mountain is famous for the battle which took place there in the Three Kingdoms period, when Huang Zhong of Shu defeated and killed Xiahou Yuan of Wei. According to Sanguo Zhi, Shu prime minister Zhuge Liang wished to be buried on Mount Dingjun, so a tomb was built for him there. Huang Zhong was also buried there after his death, but his tomb was moved to Chengdu during the Qing Dynasty, and was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.

Coordinates: 33°08′15″N 106°39′50″E / 33.1376°N 106.664°E / 33.1376; 106.664