Mount Dom Dom

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Mount Dom Dom
Mount Dom Dom.JPG
The summit of Mount Dom Dom viewed from Dom Dom saddle
Highest point
Elevation 740 m (2,430 ft)
Coordinates 37°35′S 145°40′E / 37.583°S 145.667°E / -37.583; 145.667Coordinates: 37°35′S 145°40′E / 37.583°S 145.667°E / -37.583; 145.667
Mount Dom Dom is located in Victoria
Mount Dom Dom
Mount Dom Dom
Victoria, Australia
Parent range Great Dividing Range
First ascent Unknown
Easiest route Hike up from Dom Dom saddle

Mount Dom Dom is a mountain in Victoria, Australia 65 km from Melbourne.

Mount Dom Dom was the site of a plane crash involving a Cessna 210 aircraft on 18 June 1974 during stormy weather.[1]

BSAR searchers at Mount Dom Dom

An extensive search was conducted by Victoria police, emergency services (including the SES and CFA) and volunteers (including BSAR) on and around Mount Dom Dom over five days for a hiker who went missing on Sunday 23 March 2008.[2]

The summit of Mount Dom Dom is most easily accessed by following the Dom Dom Road (a vehicle track) from Dom Dom saddle then ascending an ill-defined walking track north from the Dom Dom Road to the summit.

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