Mount E

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Mount E
Highest point
Elevation 617.6 m (2,026 ft) [1]
Listing List of mountains and hills of Japan by height
List of volcanoes in Japan
Coordinates 41°48′17″N 141°09′58″E / 41.80472°N 141.16611°E / 41.80472; 141.16611Coordinates: 41°48′17″N 141°09′58″E / 41.80472°N 141.16611°E / 41.80472; 141.16611[1]
Mount E is located in Japan
Mount E
Mount E
Location of Mount E in Japan.
Location Hokkaido, Japan
Parent range Kameda Peninsula
Topo map Geospatial Information Authority 25000:1 恵山
50000:1 尻屋崎
Age of rock Pleistocene
Mountain type stratovolcano
Last eruption June 1874
Esan Volcano(lower right), Esan-Maruyama Volcano(left)

Mount E (恵山 E-san?) is an active stratovolcano of the Kameda peninsula. It is located in Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan. Mount E is part of Esan Prefectural Natural Park.[2]


Mount E consists of non-alkali, mafic, volcanic rock.[3] The andesitic volcano is topped with a lava dome.[4][5]

Eruptive history[edit]

Mount E last erupted on June 8, 1874. This eruption consisted of phreatic explosions and was rated a 1 on the VEI scale.[4]

The oldest recorded eruption started November 18, 1846. The eruption triggered lahars damaging several houses and causing fatalities.[4][5]

Radiocarbon dating and tephrochronology indicate five other eruptions predating the historical records in the approximate years 1350, 550 BC, 1050 BC, 3900 BC ±100 years, 7050 BC. The eruption in 7050 BC was the largest with a VEI of 3.[4]


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