Mount Ellen (Vermont)

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Mount Ellen
Mt Ellen Vermont seen from Mt Abraham.jpg
Mount Ellen seen from Mount Abraham
Highest point
Elevation4,083 ft (1,244 m)
Prominence2,132 ft (650 m)
ListingNew England 4000 footers
Coordinates44°9.59′N 72°55.73′W / 44.15983°N 72.92883°W / 44.15983; -72.92883Coordinates: 44°9.59′N 72°55.73′W / 44.15983°N 72.92883°W / 44.15983; -72.92883
LocationWarren, Vermont, U.S.
Parent rangeGreen Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Mount Ellen 1:24,000
Easiest routeMaintained Hiking Trail: Long Trail

Mount Ellen is a 4,083-foot (1,244 m) high mountain in Vermont. It is located in the Green Mountains in Washington County. Mount Ellen is flanked to the south by Cutts Peak (4,020 ft / 1,225 m), and to the north by Stark Mountain (3,662 ft / 1,116 m).

The area is often referred to as the Mad River Valley. Mount Ellen, together with Lincoln Peak, are home to the slopes of Sugarbush Resort. Located nearby is Mad River Glen ski area, famous for its historic single chairlift and focus on skiing.

The Long Trail, a 272-mile (438-km) hiking trail running the length of Vermont, traverses the summit ridge of Mount Ellen.

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