Mount Emerson (California)

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Mount Emerson
Mount Emerson Summit Ridge.JPG
Mount Emerson Summit Ridge
Highest point
Elevation13,210 ft (4,026 m) [1]
Prominence724 ft (221 m) [1]
ListingSierra Club Sierra Peaks Section[2]
Coordinates37°14′33″N 118°39′15″W / 37.2424336°N 118.65428°W / 37.2424336; -118.65428Coordinates: 37°14′33″N 118°39′15″W / 37.2424336°N 118.65428°W / 37.2424336; -118.65428[3]
LocationInyo County, California, U.S.
Parent rangeSierra Nevada
Topo mapUSGS Mount Darwin
First ascentJuly 1, 1926 by Norman Clyde[4]
Easiest routeExposed scramble (class 3)[5]

Mount Emerson is located in the Sierra Nevada in Inyo County in eastern California in the southwestern United States.[1] Mount Emerson is the 116th highest mountain in California and the 671st highest mountain in the United States.[6]


Mount Emerson is named in honor of the essayist, poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. John Muir wrote in a letter to Mrs. Ezra S. Carr that "I have named a grand wide-winged mountain on the head of the Joaquin Mount Emerson. Its head is high above its fellows and wings are white with ice and snow."[7] It has been suggested that Muir might have intended to confer the poet's name on Mount Humphreys which had already been named by the Whitney Survey.[8]

Mount Emerson viewed from the east
Mt. Emerson from northeast


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