Coordinates: 55°01′59″N 8°06′43″W / 55.033°N 8.112°W / 55.033; -8.112
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A view of Errigal from Gweedore.
Highest point
Elevation751 m (2,464 ft)[1][2]
Prominence688 m (2,257 ft)[1]
ListingCounty top (Donegal), P600, Marilyn, Hewitt
Coordinates55°01′59″N 8°06′43″W / 55.033°N 8.112°W / 55.033; -8.112
Native nameAn Earagail (Irish)
English translationoratory
Errigal is located in Ireland
Parent rangeDerryveagh Mountains
OSI/OSNI gridB928207
Topo mapOSi Discovery 1
An aerial view of Errigal

Errigal[3] (Irish: An Earagail)[4] is a 751-metre (2,464 ft) mountain near Gweedore in County Donegal, Ireland.[1] It is the tallest peak of the Derryveagh Mountains and the tallest peak in County Donegal.[1] Errigal is also the most southern and the highest of the mountain chain called the "Seven Sisters" by locals. The other peaks of the Seven Sisters are Muckish, Crocknalaragagh, Aghla Beg, Ardloughnabrackbaddy, Aghla More, and Mackoght.


Errigal is the most southern, steepest and highest of the mountain chain, called the "Seven Sisters". The Seven Sisters includes Muckish, Crocknalaragagh, Aghla Beg, Ardloughnabrackbaddy, Aghla More, Mackoght and Errigal. The nearest peak is Mackoght (from Irish: Mac Uchta,[5] meaning "son of the mountain-breast") which is also known as Little Errigal or Wee Errigal (Irish: an Earagail Bheag).

Errigal is known for the pinkish glow of its quartzite in the setting sun.[1] Another noted quality is the ever-changing shape of the mountain depending on what direction you view it from. Errigal was voted 'Ireland's Most Iconic Mountain' by Walking & Hiking Ireland in 2009.[6]


In legend Errigal is said to have been named by the Fir Bolg who, originating in Greece, came to worship Errigal as they had Mount Olympus.[7]

The name comes from the Old Irish airecal, meaning "oratory". There is no remains of an oratory on the mountain, so it may refer to the mountain as a whole as a place of prayer.[8][9][10]

In recent years, there have been numerous erroneous references to Mount Errigal.[11] In 2016, the Republic of Ireland's State tourism authority, Fáilte Ireland, apologised for using the name "Mount Errigal" in its brochure, rather than the proper name.[12] The official name is An Earagail or Errigal.[4] Mount Errigal is the name of a hotel in Letterkenny, County Donegal.[13]

In popular culture[edit]

"Céad slán ag sléibhte maorga Chondae Dhún na nGall / Agus dhá chéad slán ag an Earagal árd / Ina stua os cionn caor 's call".
Panoramic view of Errigal's summit.


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