Mount Fox (Queensland)

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Mount Fox
Mount fox 01-10-06.jpg
Mount Fox crater
Highest point
Elevation 120 m (390 ft)
Coordinates 18°50′30.65″S 145°48′17.45″E / 18.8418472°S 145.8048472°E / -18.8418472; 145.8048472Coordinates: 18°50′30.65″S 145°48′17.45″E / 18.8418472°S 145.8048472°E / -18.8418472; 145.8048472
Mount Fox is located in Queensland
Mount Fox
Mount Fox
Age of rock 560,000 years
Mountain type Pyroclastic cone

Mount Fox is a 560,000-year-old cinder cone located 50 km west of Ingham, Queensland, Australia. Mount Fox has a shallow crater and a lava flow that extends away from the southern base of the cone. The cone lies on basaltic lava flows that are 23.6 million years old. Mount Fox is famous for its volcanic crater, which was formed 100,000 years ago by a volcanic eruption.

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