Mount Furuhelm

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Mount Furuhelm
Highest point
Elevation 3,620 ft (1,100 m)
Prominence Unknown
Coordinates 57°3′0″N 134°55′47″W / 57.05000°N 134.92972°W / 57.05000; -134.92972
Location Baranof Island, Sitka City and Borough, Alaska
Topo map USGS Sitka
First ascent Unknown
Easiest route Scramble

Mount Furuhelm is a 3,620 foot (1,104 meters) peak located on Baranof Island just east and adjacent to Peak 5390 in Alaska. It is located at 57°03′00″N 134°55′47″W / 57.05000°N 134.92972°W / 57.05000; -134.92972.

Mount Furuhelm was named for Johan Hampus Furuhjelm (known in Russian as Ivan Vasiliyevich Furugelm), who was governor of Russian America from 1859 to 1863.

Mount Furuhelm actually has both an east and west peak less than a quarter mile apart, with the west peak being a mere ten feet higher at (3,620 feet) than the eastern one (3,610 feet).

Mount Furuhelm is also on the final portion of the alternate route of the Baranof Cross-Island Trail before descending to Warm Springs Bay.

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