Mount Gambier Prison

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Mount Gambier Prison
Location Moorak, South Australia
Security class Principally medium and low security male sentenced prisoners; can also accommodate short-term high security males and females.
Capacity 493
Opened 1995
Managed by G4S[1]

Mount Gambier Prison is an Australian prison located in Moorak immediately south of Mount Gambier.[2]

Mount Gambier Prison is the only privately managed prison in South Australia. It is currently managed and operated by G4S Custodial Services Pty Ltd (previously Group 4 Corrections Services).


The prison accommodates medium and low security male sentenced and remand prisoners. Short-term high security male and female prisoners can also be accommodated when required.[3]

Accommodation includes:

  • a traditional cell block arrangement
  • shared living cottages
  • semi-independent living cottages
  • an induction area that houses new prisoners
  • a small allocation of high security cells.

Prison life[edit]

Consistent with other prisons in South Australia, prisoners are placed on incentive based regimes that provide varying levels of privileges based on behaviour.

Prisoners are engaged in a range of work programs including grounds and building maintenance, cleaning, laundry and kitchen work. The prison also has a large timber furniture manufacturing workshop that produces bedroom and living room furniture for dispatch directly to retail outlets in South Australia.

Mount Gambier Prison provides a full range of prisoner services, including all medical, education, facilities management, equipment and grounds preventative maintenance services ‘in house’, using locally employed staff and sub-contractors.

Education and program activities focus on numeracy and literacy skills and cognitive skills programs are aimed at high risk offenders.[4]

Increase in capacity and security improvements[edit]

In March 2009, an expansion of the prison was announced.[5] With a project budget of $22.9m, it will be the first South Australian prison to employ the cheaper and faster modular construction method using shipping containers. The cell block is constructed as a single storey facility designed around two wings of 54 beds (total of 108 beds) with a central officers station to supervise both wings. Each wing has a central external exercise yard. A new kitchen will also be built and the prison perimeter will be extended.[6]

  • In 2007, to address pressure on the South Australian Custodial Correctional system, the prisons capacity increased from 110 to 139 beds.[7] In June 2012, the capacity of the prison was 172.[3]
  • In 2005, a new $950,000 state-of-the art Control Room was officially commissioned.[8]
  • During 2003-2004, work was conducted in the cells to eliminate hanging points and the fire safety systems in the cell block, the cottages and the operations building were upgraded.[9]
  • The 2017 state budget included provision to spen A$38.8 million on adding 160 beds to Mount Gambier Prison[10]


In March 2009, Chief executive of the Department of Correctional Services Peter Severin said that since the Mount Gambier Prison was opened in [1995], it has been a stable facility with "very few" incidents.[5]

  • In July 2004, the South Australian Coroner was critical of cell design, Group 4 and Department of Correctional Services staff following the death of a prisoner.[11]
  • In April 2001 a single prisoner became the first to escape the facility by climbing two razor-wire topped fences.[12] This is the only escape from within the confines of the prison as of June 2012.

Mount Gambier Prison in the community[edit]

A strong partnership exists between Lifeline South East and the prison. This relationship began in mid 1995 with Lifeline's involvement in suicide awareness training for new prison staff.

  • In 2010 the prisoner listener program, which aims to reduce suicides at the prison, gained a national award.[13]
  • In 1998 prisoners under the instructions of a local builder constructed an education centre within the prison. The work was also attached to a vocational course. This resulted in prisoners learning new skills and obtaining TAFE certificates to assist them upon their release.


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