Mount Gharat

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Mount Gharat (Mount Garet)
Mount Gharat and Lake Letas.jpg
Mount Gharat and Lake Letas.
Highest point
Elevation797 m (2,615 ft)
Prominence797 m (2,615 ft)
Coordinates14°16′S 167°30′E / 14.267°S 167.500°E / -14.267; 167.500Coordinates: 14°16′S 167°30′E / 14.267°S 167.500°E / -14.267; 167.500
LocationGaua, Banks Islands, Vanuatu
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Last eruption2011

Mount Gharat or Mount Garet (797 m) is the highest peak on the volcanic island of Gaua of the Banks Islands in northern Vanuatu. The peak is located at the centre of the island, is volcanically active and is surrounded by Lake Letas on all sides except southwest.