Mount Gimie

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Mount Gimie
Mount Gimie is located in Saint Lucia
Mount Gimie
Mount Gimie
Location in Saint Lucia
Highest point
Elevation950 m (3,120 ft) [1]
Prominence950 m (3,120 ft) [1]
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates13°51′49″N 61°00′42″W / 13.86361°N 61.01167°W / 13.86361; -61.01167Coordinates: 13°51′49″N 61°00′42″W / 13.86361°N 61.01167°W / 13.86361; -61.01167[1]
LocationSaint Lucia

Mount Gimie is the tallest mountain on the island of Saint Lucia. The mountain's peak reaches 950 m (3117 ft). It is of volcanic origin and is covered by lush tropical rainforest.[citation needed]


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