Mount Gushmore

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Mount Gushmore is an artificial hill in Disney's Blizzard Beach water park. The mountain formerly included a rock climbing wall attraction; this has, however, been non-operational for a number of years, due to safety and staffing considerations. A chairlift transports guests to the top of Mount Gushmore, where the entrances to many of the slides and flumes are. The mountain has a total elevation of 90 feet.

Mount Gushmore hosts the majority of the major attractions at the park, and is split into three colored slopes to aid guests navigating around the park: Green, Red and Purple.

Mount Gushmore houses a few of the park's highest slides, and is itself 90 feet high. The park's highest slide, Summit Plummet is the highest "free sliding" body slide in the United States.

The "mountain" also serves an important logistical function, concealing the park's pipework.