Mount Hayachine

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For the asteroid, see 11129 Hayachine.
Mount Hayachine
Mt Hayachine.jpg
Mount Hayachine from the south in November 2009
Highest point
Elevation 1,913.6 m (6,278 ft)
Coordinates 39°33′30″N 141°29′20″E / 39.55833°N 141.48889°E / 39.55833; 141.48889Coordinates: 39°33′30″N 141°29′20″E / 39.55833°N 141.48889°E / 39.55833; 141.48889
Mount Hayachine is located in Japan
Mount Hayachine
Mount Hayachine
Tōhoku region, Honshū, Japan
Parent range Kitakami Range
Easiest route Hiking

Mount Hayachine (早池峰山 Hayachine-san?), at 1,917 m (6,289 ft), is the highest mountain in the Kitakami Range and the second highest in Iwate Prefecture after Mount Iwate.

Mt. Hayachine is unusual in that it lies farther east than other large mountains on Honshu and the land in this area is the oldest in Japan. As such there are flower species that are unique to this mountain.

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