Mount Hijiri

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Mount Hijiri
Mt Hijiri (200805).jpg
Mount Hijiri from Mount Yanbushi
Highest point
Elevation 3,013 m (9,885 ft)
Listing 100 Famous Japanese Mountains
Coordinates 35°25′22″N 138°08′23″E / 35.42278°N 138.13972°E / 35.42278; 138.13972Coordinates: 35°25′22″N 138°08′23″E / 35.42278°N 138.13972°E / 35.42278; 138.13972
Parent range Akaishi Mountains
Easiest route Hiking

Mount Hijiri (聖岳, Hijiri-dake) is a mountain located in the Akaishi Mountains in both Aoi-ku, Shizuoka, Shizuoka Prefecture and Iida, Nagano Prefecture, in the Chūbu region of Japan. It is 3,013 m (9,885 ft) tall and part of the Akaishi Mountains.[1] It is the mountain in Minami Alps National Park located in the south most.[2] It is also included on the list of "100 Famous Japanese Mountains." There are several mountain climbing trails and Mountain hut around the mountain. There is the Hijiri-Daira hut in the Mountain pass in the south.

Animal and Alpine plant[edit]

A lot of alpine plants and Rock Ptarmigan are seen in the upper alpine region. Sika Deer is seen in the hillside.

Silene keiskei Shirobanatakanebiranji in Kohijiridake 2002-8-14.jpg
Primula reinii var. kitadakensis Shinanokozakura in Hijiridaira Nagano Pre 1997-6-8.jpg
Rock Ptarmigan in Mount Akaishi 1994-7-30.jpg
Cervus nippon Nagoya castle 2010-10-3.JPG
seen around Mount Ko-Hijiri
seen around Mount Hijiri-Daira
Rock Ptarmigan and
Siberian Dwarf Pine
Sika Deer
seen around Mount Hijiri-Daira


21 Hijiridake from Minamidake 1996-11-16.jpg
Mount Hijiri from Hijiridaira 2002-11-06.jpg
Mount Akaishi from Mount Hijiri 2002-11-06.jpg
Mt Fuji from okuhijiridake 2001 9 25.jpg
Mount Hijiri
seen from Mount Minami
Mount Hijiri
seen from Hujiri-Daira
Mount Akaishi
seen from Mount Hijiri
Mount Oku-Hijiri and Mount Fuji
seen from Mount Hijiri

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