Mount Hor (Vermont)

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Mount Hor from the shores of Lake Willoughby
Willoughby Gap from the north, with Mount Hor to the right of the gap

Mount Hor is a mountain in Sutton, Vermont.[1] It is part of the Northeastern Highlands of Vermont. It is located on the west side of Lake Willoughby and constitutes the west side of "Willoughby Notch"[2] ("Willoughby Gap"). There are hiking trails in Willoughby State Forest.[3]

Mount Hor is the subject of a poem by Robert Frost. "The Mountain" appears in Frost's second book of poetry, North of Boston (1914).

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Coordinates: 44°42′48″N 72°03′11″W / 44.71333°N 72.05306°W / 44.71333; -72.05306