Mount Hornaday

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Mount Hornaday
As viewed from Pebble Creek
Highest point
Elevation10,003 ft (3,049 m) [1]
Coordinates44°56′42″N 110°08′46″W / 44.94500°N 110.14611°W / 44.94500; -110.14611 (Mount Hornaday)Coordinates: 44°56′42″N 110°08′46″W / 44.94500°N 110.14611°W / 44.94500; -110.14611 (Mount Hornaday)[1]
Mount Hornaday is located in Wyoming
Mount Hornaday
Mount Hornaday
Yellowstone National Park, Park County, Wyoming
Parent rangeAbsaroka Range
Topo mapMount Hornaday

Mount Hornaday el. 10,003 feet (3,049 m) is a mountain peak in the northeast section of Yellowstone National Park in the Absaroka Range, Wyoming. The peak was named in 1938 for naturalist William Temple Hornaday, a former director of the New York Zoological Gardens who championed the cause of saving the American Bison from extinction.[2]

Mount Hornaday's namesake, William Temple Hornaday

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