Mount Hosmer (Iowa)

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Mount Hosmer
Highest point
Elevation1,040 ft (320 m)
Coordinates43°21′59″N 91°13′20″W / 43.36639°N 91.22222°W / 43.36639; -91.22222
LocationAllamakee County, Iowa,
United States
Easiest routeRoad entrance

Mount Hosmer is a bluff overlooking Lansing, Iowa. It is located directly adjacent to the Upper Mississippi River and offers a panoramic view of the river, including the Black Hawk Bridge. Mount Hosmer rises 450 feet above downtown Lansing.

Accessible from Lansing, Mount Hosmer Park is a popular destination for photographers. According to a plaque inside the park, Mount Hosmer is named for Harriet Hosmer, a sculptor, who won a footrace to the summit of the hill during a steamboat layover during the 1850s. [1]


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