Mount Hyōno

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Mount Hyōno
Mount Hyonosen.jpg
A View of Mt. Hyōno
Highest point
Elevation 1,509.6 m (4,953 ft)
Coordinates 35°21′14″N 134°30′49″E / 35.35389°N 134.51361°E / 35.35389; 134.51361
Pronunciation [çjoːnoseɴ]
Location On the border of Yabu, Hyōgo, and Wakasa, Tottori, in Japan
Parent range Chūgoku Mountains
Mountain type Upheaved submarine volcano

Mount Hyōno (氷ノ山 Hyō-no-sen?) is a mountain on the border of Yabu, Hyōgo Prefecture, and Wakasa, Tottori Prefecture, in Japan. It is the highest mountain in Hyōgo Prefecture. This mountain is one of the 200 famous mountains in Japan. Other names of this mountain are Suga-no-sen, Hyō-zan, Hyō-no-yama, Kōri-no-yama.


Mount Hyōno is estimated as an upheaved submarine volcano which erupted 3 million years ago with Mount Naki and Torokawa-daira highland. This mountain is the second highest mountain in Chūgoku Mountains, and also the second highest in Honshū west of Osaka Prefecture. This mountain is in the Hyōnosen-Ushiroyama-Nagisan Quasi-National Park. This mountain is also selected as one of the 100 untrodden areas in Japan.


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