Mount Ibu

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Mount Ibu
Gunung Ibu.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 1,325 m (4,347 ft) [1]
Listing Ribu
Coordinates 1°29′17″N 127°37′48″E / 1.488°N 127.63°E / 1.488; 127.63
Location Halmahera, Indonesia
Mountain type Stratovolcano
Last eruption 2004
Easiest route 84

Mount Ibu (Indonesian: Gunung Ibu) is a stratovolcano located at the north-west coast of Halmahera island, Indonesia. The summit is truncated and contains nested craters. The inner crater is 1 km wide and 400 m deep, while the outer is 1.2 km wide. A large parasitic cone is located at the north-east of the summit and a smaller one at the south-west. The latter feeds a lava flow down the west flank. A group of maars are located on the western and northern side of the volcano.[1]

Latest activity[edit]

August 2009 Volcanological Survey of Indonesia raised the eruption alert level for Ibu to "Orange".[2]

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