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The Ford Ranges (77°0′S 144°0′W / 77.000°S 144.000°W / -77.000; -144.000) is a grouping of mountain ranges standing east of Sulzberger Ice Shelf and Block Bay in the northwest part of Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. Discovered by the Byrd Antarctic Expedition on December 5, 1929, and named by Byrd for Edsel Ford of the Ford Motor Company, who helped finance the expedition.[1]

Geological features[edit]


The Ford Ranges include a number of mountain groupings and features.


Mount Iphigene[edit]

Mount Iphigene (76°31′S 145°50′W / 76.517°S 145.833°W / -76.517; -145.833) is a mountain just west of Ochs Glacier between Marujupu Peak and Birchall Peaks. Discovered in 1929 by the Byrd Antarctic Expedition, and named by Byrd for Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger, daughter of Adolph Ochs and wife of Arthur Sulzberger, patrons of the expedition.[2]

Marujupu Peak[edit]

Marujupu Peak (76°31′S 145°37′W / 76.517°S 145.617°W / -76.517; -145.617) is a conspicuous nunatak standing above the main flow of Ochs Glacier, between Mount Iphigene and Mount Ferranto. Discovered and so named by Richard Evelyn Byrd on the Byrd Antarctic Expedition flight of December 5, 1929. Marujupu combines the letters from the names of three daughters and a son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sulzberger. The daughters are Marian, Ruth and Judy; Punch is the nickname of son Arthur. The Sulzbergers were patrons of the expedition.[3]

Mount Rea[edit]

Mount Rea (77°4′S 145°30′W / 77.067°S 145.500°W / -77.067; -145.500) is a prominent rock mountain with an imposing monolith on its west side called The Billboard, standing between Arthur Glacier and Boyd Glacier. It was discovered by the Byrd Antarctic Expedition on the Eastern Flight of December 5, 1929, and named by Byrd for Mr. and Mrs. Rea, of Pittsburgh, PA, contributors to the expedition.[4]

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