Mount Jianglang

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Mount Jianglang
Jiāngláng Shān
Mount Jianglang is located in China
Mount Jianglang
Mount Jianglang
Location in Eastern China
Highest point
Elevation816.8 m (2,680 ft) [1]
ListingList of mountains of China
Coordinates28°31′47″N 118°33′55″E / 28.52972°N 118.56528°E / 28.52972; 118.56528Coordinates: 28°31′47″N 118°33′55″E / 28.52972°N 118.56528°E / 28.52972; 118.56528
LocationZhejiang, China

Jianglangshan or Mount Jianglang (Chinese: 江郎山; pinyin: Jiāngláng Shān) is a mountain in Jiangshan, Zhejiang, China. Three peaks from north to south make its recognizable "river-shaped" arrangement, as follows: Lang Feng, Ya Feng and Ling Feng. Lang Feng has elevation of 816.8 m (2,680 ft).[1]

The mountain exhibits Danxia landform, and was inscribed onto the World Heritage List in August 2010 as part of China Danxia.[2]

In September 2013, Mount Jianglang was the scene for a stunt by Jeb Corliss where he flew between two of the peaks in a wing suit, starting the jump from a helicopter.[3]

Jiangshan Jianglangshan 2012.07.01 13-08-31.jpg


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