Mount Jukes (Queensland)

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Coordinates: 20°58′44″S 148°57′54″E / 20.979°S 148.965°E / -20.979; 148.965

A horse-drawn cart at Mount Jukes

Mount Jukes is a mountain and surrounding coastal locality north of Mackay in the Mackay Region, Queensland, Australia.[1] It was named by George Elphinstone Dalrymple in 1862 after Joseph Jukes.[1]

The mountain is located close to the coastline within Pioneer Peaks National Park and the Central Mackay Coast IBRA Region.[2]

It rises to 547 metres above sea level and is composed of igneous rock that has been weathered and eroded.[3] The mountains originated from volcanic activity approximately 32 million years ago.[4]

Mount Jukes has a species of shrubs growing in its trees called the Mount Blackwood holly, a species only found in Mount Blackwood area. The easiest route up the mountain is by gravel road that is locked.[citation needed]

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