Mount Kabuto

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Mount Kabuto
Mount Kabutoyama.jpg
A view of Mt. Kabuto
Highest point
Elevation 309.2 m (1,014 ft)
Coordinates 34°46.29′N 135°19.46′E / 34.77150°N 135.32433°E / 34.77150; 135.32433
Pronunciation Japanese: [kaꜜbutojamaꜜ]
Location Nishinomiya, Hyōgo, Japan
Parent range Rokko Mountains
Mountain type A monadnock of an old volcano

Mount Kabuto (甲山, Kabuto-yama) is a mountain in Nishinomiya, Hyōgo, Japan. It is located in the east end of the Rokko Mountains, and the height is 309.2m.


Mount Kabuto is a famous picnic spot in the Kansai metropolitan area. It is a monadnock of an extinct volcano that was estimated to have last erupted about 12,000,000 years ago. This mountain is in the Kabutoyama Forest Park.


The mountain is shaped like a helmet, 'kabuto' in Japanese. It has a long history as an object of worship by people around the mountain. Kanno-ji in the middle of the mountain is the place of worship of the mountain.

According to Japanese myth, it is understood that because Empress Jingū buried her helmet when she went to subjugate Silla, a dynasty in the Korean Peninsula, this mountain was named 'Kabutoyama', literally "helmet mountain."