Kaimondake volcano

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Highest point
Elevation924 m (3,031 ft)
Coordinates31°10′48″N 130°31′42″E / 31.18000°N 130.52833°E / 31.18000; 130.52833Coordinates: 31°10′48″N 130°31′42″E / 31.18000°N 130.52833°E / 31.18000; 130.52833
Kaimondake is located in Japan
Mountain typestratovolcano
Last eruption885[1]

Kaimondake (開聞岳, Kaimondake, Kaimon-dake), or Mount Kaimon, is an undissected volcano – consisting of a basal stratovolcano and a small central volcano, part of the Ibusuki field – which rises to a height of 924 metres above sea level near the city of Ibusuki in southern Kyūshū, Japan. The last eruption occurred in the year 885. Kaimondake is sometimes referred to as "the Fuji of Satsuma".

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