Mount Kaplan

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Mount Kaplan
Mount Kaplan is located in Antarctica
Mount Kaplan
Mount Kaplan
Highest point
Elevation 4,230 m (13,880 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,783 m (5,850 ft) [1]
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 84°33′S 175°19′E / 84.550°S 175.317°E / -84.550; 175.317Coordinates: 84°33′S 175°19′E / 84.550°S 175.317°E / -84.550; 175.317[2]
Location Antarctica
Parent range Hughes Range

Mount Kaplan is a massive mountain, the highest in the Hughes Range of Antarctica, standing 5 km (3 mi) southeast of Mount Wexler.[2]

The mountain was discovered and photographed by Admiral Byrd on the Baselaying Flight of November 18, 1929, and surveyed by A.P. Crary in 1957–58. Crary named it for Joseph Kaplan, the chairman of the U.S. National Committee for the IGY, 1957–58.[2]