Mount Kenpi

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Mount Kenpi
Mount Kenpi from Gyojaguchi Bus Stop
Highest point
Elevation 784 m (2,572 ft)
Listing List of mountains and hills of Japan by height
Coordinates 35°0′N 135°24′E / 35.000°N 135.400°E / 35.000; 135.400
Pronunciation [kempisaɴ]
Location Nose, Ōsaka, Japan
Parent range Hokusetsu Mountains

Mount Kenpi (剣尾山 Kenpi-san?) is a 784 m (2,572 ft) mountain of Hokusetsu Mountains, located in Nose, Ōsaka, Japan. This mountain is one of Osaka 50 mountains, Kinki 100 mountains. This mountain is a part of Hokusetsu Natural Park.


Mount Kenpi is one of the most popular mountains of Hokusetsu Mountains. Hokusetsu Mountains are themselves sometimes regarded as a part of Tanba Highland. Mount Kenpi is a such typical mountain in this area.


Mount Kenpi has been an object of worship by the people around the mountain. Near the top of the mountain, there was Geppo-ji Buddhist temple. The temple was said to be built in the beginning of the 7th century, but destroyed in the war in the 16th century, and moved to the foot of the mountain in 1664. Today we can see a lot of religious objects in the mountain.


There are three routes to the top of the mountain. One is the most popular from Gyojaguchi Bus Stop via Mount Gyoja. It takes about one and half hours. The other major route is from Sugio Bus Stop via Mount Yokoo.