Mount Khabarjina

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Mount Khabarjina
Mount Kabarjina.jpg
The view of Khabarjina from Stepantsminda
Highest point
Elevation3,142 m (10,308 ft) [1]
Mount Khabarjina is located in Caucasus mountains
Mount Khabarjina
Mount Khabarjina
Location of the mountain
Mount Khabarjina is located in Mtskheta-Mtianeti
Mount Khabarjina
Mount Khabarjina
Mount Khabarjina (Mtskheta-Mtianeti)
Parent rangeCaucasus Mountains

Coordinates: 42°34′16″N 44°33′17″E / 42.57111°N 44.55472°E / 42.57111; 44.55472 Mount Khabarjina (Georgian: ქაბარჯინა) is a mountain and dormant volcano in the Caucasus of Georgia. It has an elevation of 3,142 metres. It is located near Mount Kazbek and is a part of its volcanic group. It is better known under the name Mount Kabardzhin.

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