Mount Kirigamine

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Mount Kirigamine
South-East slope of Kirigamine, view from Mt. Royal Hill
Highest point
Elevation 1,925 m (6,316 ft) [1]
Coordinates 36°06′00″N 138°10′01″E / 36.10°N 138.167°E / 36.10; 138.167Coordinates: 36°06′00″N 138°10′01″E / 36.10°N 138.167°E / 36.10; 138.167
Mount Kirigamine is located in Japan
Mount Kirigamine
Mount Kirigamine
Location of Mount Kirigamine in Japan.
Location Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Mountain type Lava flow, Lava dome[2]
Last eruption 0.75 Ma[2]

Mount Kirigamine (霧ヶ峰, Kiri-ga-mine) is a 1,925m volcano, located in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.


The tallest peak of Mount Kirigamine is Mount Kuruma, on which there is a weather radar site. Most of the mountain is covered in grass with sparse bushes and rocks. The south and east sides are suitable for gliding with a narrow landing zone in the vicinity of a parking lot and a huge emergency landing at the west side of the mountain. The southeast cliffs are a launching point for gliders, with winds above 3 meters[clarification needed]. The north part is equipped with ski-lifts.


Vehicle access to the bottom of Kirigamine does not require four-wheel drive but snow chains may be necessary if there is heavy snow.



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