Mount Kliment Ohridski

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Location of Alexander Island in the Antarctic Peninsula region.
NASA satellite image of Alexander Island

Mount Kliment Ohridski (Vrah Kliment Ohridski \'vr&h 'kli-ment 'o-hrid-ski\) is the highest ridge (1500m) in the Sofia University Mountains on Alexander Island, Antarctica. The feature extends 7 km in the northwest-southeast direction with partly ice-free southern slopes. Shaw Nunatak is located in Nichols Snowfield 4 km off the southeast extremity of Mount Kliment Ohridski.

Following field work in northern Alexander Island by a joint British-Bulgarian party during the summer of 1987-88, the peak was named for Clement of Ohrid in association with the St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia.


The cliff is located at 69°31′04″S 71°23′30″W / 69.51778°S 71.39167°W / -69.51778; -71.39167Coordinates: 69°31′04″S 71°23′30″W / 69.51778°S 71.39167°W / -69.51778; -71.39167 which is 7.15 km east-southeast of Mount Wilbye аnd 9.12 km south of the summit of Balan Ridge (British mapping of the area from air photos taken by the 1947-48 US Expedition under Ronne).


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This article includes information from the Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria which is used with permission.