Mount Kurai

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Mount Kurai
Mount Kurai from south 2011-02-20.jpg
Mount Kurai from the south
Highest point
Elevation1,529.15 m (5,016.9 ft)
Coordinates36°02′18″N 137°11′48″E / 36.03833°N 137.19667°E / 36.03833; 137.19667Coordinates: 36°02′18″N 137°11′48″E / 36.03833°N 137.19667°E / 36.03833; 137.19667
Mount Kurai is located in Japan
Mount Kurai
Mount Kurai
Location in Japan
LocationTakayama and Gero, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Parent rangenone

Mt. Kurai (位山, Kurai-yama) is located on the border of the cities of Takayama and Gero in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The mountain also separates the watersheds of the northern and southern portions of the Hida region. The Jinzū River flows to the north and the Hida River flows to the south.