Mount Kusatsu-Shirane

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Mount Kusatsu-Shirane
Viewed from the SE.
Highest point
Elevation 2,171 m (7,123 ft)
Coordinates 36°37′12″N 138°32′06″E / 36.620°N 138.535°E / 36.620; 138.535
Location Honshū, Japan
Mountain type Stratovolcanoes
Last eruption July to December 1983

Mount Kusatsu-Shirane (草津白根山, Kusatsu Shirane-san) is a 2160-meter active volcano in Kusatsu, Gunma, Japan. It is called Kusatsu Shirane to differentiate it from the Mount Nikkō-Shirane on the other side of Gunma Prefecture. The summit of Kusatsu-Shirane volcano, located immediately north of Asama volcano, consists of a series of overlapping pyroclastic cones and three crater lakes. The largest of these is Yu-gama, an acidic turquoise-colored lake with rafts of yellow sulfur floating on its surface.

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