Mount Lamongan

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Mount Lamongan
Mount Lamongan from Ranu Klakah, 1985
Highest point
Elevation1,651 m (5,417 ft) [1]
Coordinates7°58′44″S 113°20′31″E / 7.979°S 113.342°E / -7.979; 113.342
Mount Lamongan is located in Java
Mount Lamongan
Mount Lamongan
Mount Lamongan is located in Indonesia
Mount Lamongan
Mount Lamongan
Mount Lamongan (Indonesia)
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Last eruptionFebruary 1898

Mount Lamongan or Mount Lemongan is a small stratovolcano located between the massif Tengger caldera complex and Iyang-Argapura volcano complex in East Java, Indonesia. The volcano is surrounded by maars and cinder cones. The volcano's high point is locally named as Gunung Tarub. Lake-filled maars including Ranu Pakis, Ranu Klakah and Ranu Bedali, located on the eastern and western flanks. The northern flanks are dominated by dry maars.[1]

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