Mount Madison

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Mount Madison
Mt. Madison 008.jpg
East elevation of Mount Madison, seen from New Hampshire Route 16
Highest point
Elevation5,367 ft (1,636 m)
Prominence466 ft (142 m)[1]
Parent peakMount John Quincy Adams[1]
ListingWhite Mountain 4000-Footers
Coordinates44°19′42″N 71°16′40″W / 44.32833°N 71.27778°W / 44.32833; -71.27778Coordinates: 44°19′42″N 71°16′40″W / 44.32833°N 71.27778°W / 44.32833; -71.27778[2]
Mount Madison is located in New Hampshire
Mount Madison
Mount Madison is located in the United States
Mount Madison
CountryUnited States
StateNew Hampshire
DistrictCoös County
SubdivisionLow and Burbank's Grant, Thompson & Meserve's Purchase
Parent rangePresidential Range
Topo mapUSGS Mount Washington
Easiest routeHike

Mount Madison is a 5,367-foot (1,636 m) mountain in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire in the United States. It is named after the fourth U.S. President, James Madison.

Mountains in the Presidential Range are named for U.S. presidents, with the tallest (Mount Washington) named for the first president, the second tallest (Mount Adams) for the second president, and so on. However, due to a surveying error, Mount Monroe, named after the fifth president, James Monroe, is actually 22 feet (6.7 m) taller than Mount Madison.

There are many hiking trails on the mountain. A stretch of the Appalachian Trail traverses just below its summit on the Osgood Trail. The Madison Spring Hut, maintained by the Appalachian Mountain Club, is nestled between Mount Madison and Mount Adams and provides rustic lodging in the summer. Reservations generally need to be made far in advance.

Mount Madison is the northernmost peak in the Presidentials. Like most of the range, its summit is above treeline. Due to high winds and low temperatures, hypothermia is a danger even in the summer.


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