Mount Mageik

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Mount Mageik
Mount Mageik (left) and Mount Martin (right)
Highest point
Elevation 7,101 ft (2,164 m) [1]
Listing List of mountains of Alaska
Coordinates 58°11′44″N 155°15′13″W / 58.19556°N 155.25361°W / 58.19556; -155.25361Coordinates: 58°11′44″N 155°15′13″W / 58.19556°N 155.25361°W / 58.19556; -155.25361
Location Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska, U.S.
Parent range Aleutian Range
Topo map USGS Mount Katmai A-4
Age of rock Pleistocene to Holocene
Mountain type Stratovolcano
Volcanic arc Aleutian Arc
Last eruption 500 BCE ± 50 years[1]

Mount Mageik /məˈɡk/ is a stratovolcano on the Alaska Peninsula. It has no confirmed historical eruptions (one in 1946 is now deemed questionable), but its youngest eruptive products are apparently Holocene in age (8750 to 500 BCE).[1] A young crater lies on the northeast flank of the central summit cone, and is the site of vigorous superheated fumarolic activity with prominent sulfur deposits. The volcanic cones are composed of andesite, basaltic andesite and dacite.[1]

The volcano is mantled in ash from the 1912 eruption of Novarupta and from the 1953 eruption of nearby Trident Volcano.

Map showing volcanoes of Alaska Peninsula.

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