Mount Maria

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Mount Maria
Highest point
Elevation2,160 ft (660 m)
Coordinates51°36′00″S 59°35′38″W / 51.600°S 59.594°W / -51.600; -59.594Coordinates: 51°36′00″S 59°35′38″W / 51.600°S 59.594°W / -51.600; -59.594
LocationWest Falkland, Falkland Islands, south Atlantic Ocean
Parent rangeHornby Mountains

Mount Maria is a mountain of the Hornby Mountains, adjacent to Port Howard, on West Falkland island (Falkland Islands). It reaches a height of approximately 2,160 feet (660 m).

As one of the highest mountains of the Falklands, it experienced some glaciation. The handful of mountains over 2,000 feet (610 m) have:

pronounced corries with small glacial lakes at their bases, [and] morainic ridges deposited below the corries suggest that the glaciers and ice domes were confined to areas of maximum elevation with other parts of the islands experiencing a periglacial climate.[1]


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