Mount Maria

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Mount Maria
Elevation 658 m (2,159 ft)
Location West Falkland, Falkland Islands, southAtlantic Ocean
Range Hornby Mountains
Coordinates 51°36′00″S 59°35′38″W / 51.600°S 59.594°W / -51.600; -59.594Coordinates: 51°36′00″S 59°35′38″W / 51.600°S 59.594°W / -51.600; -59.594

Mount Maria is a mountain of the Hornby Mountains, adjacent to Port Howard, on West Falkland island (Falkland Islands). It reaches a height of approximately 658 metres (2,160 feet).

As one of the highest mountains of the Falklands, it experienced some glaciation. The handful of mountains over 2,000 feet have

pronounced corries with small glacial lakes at the their bases, [and] morainic ridges deposited below the corries suggest that the glaciers and ice domes were confined to areas of maximum elevation with other parts of the islands experiencing a periglacial climate.[1]


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