Mount Meakan

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Mount Meakan
雌阿寒岳 Meakan-dake
Mount Meakan02s10.jpg
Mount Meakan
Highest point
Elevation 1,499 m (4,918 ft)
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100 Famous Japanese Mountains
Coordinates 43°23′11″N 144°00′32″E / 43.38639°N 144.00889°E / 43.38639; 144.00889Coordinates: 43°23′11″N 144°00′32″E / 43.38639°N 144.00889°E / 43.38639; 144.00889
Mount Meakan is located in Japan
Mount Meakan
Mount Meakan
Location of Mount Meakan in Japan.
Location Hokkaidō, Japan
Parent range Akan Volcanic Complex
Topo map Geographical Survey Institute 25000:1 雌阿寒岳
25000:1 オンネト
50000:1 阿寒湖
50000:1 上足寄
Age of rock Late Pleistocene-Holocene
Mountain type stratovolcano
Volcanic arc/belt Kurile arc
Last eruption November 2008

Mount Meakan (雌阿寒岳, Meakan-dake) is an active stratovolcano located in Akan National Park in Hokkaidō, Japan. It is the tallest mountain in the Akan Volcanic Complex.[1] The volcano consists of nine overlapping cones that grew out of the Akan caldera, on the shores of Lake Akan. Mount Meakan has a triple crater at its summit. According to its name and local legend, Mount Meakan is the female counterpart to Mount Oakan on the other side of Lake Akan.[1]

Akan Caldera
Me-Akan (bottom left)
O-Akan (center right)
Mount Meakan erupting in March 2006


There are two ponds in the crater, 赤沼 (Sekinuma, Red Pond) and 青沼 (Aonuma, Blue Pond).


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