Mount Mitchell (Alberta)

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For other uses, see Mount Mitchell (disambiguation).
Mount Mitchell
Mount Mitchell is located in Alberta
Mount Mitchell
Mount Mitchell
Alberta, Canada
Elevation 3,063 m (10,049 ft)[1]
Prominence 183 m (600 ft)[2]
Range Winston Churchill Range
Coordinates 52°24′12″N 117°30′13″W / 52.40333°N 117.50361°W / 52.40333; -117.50361Coordinates: 52°24′12″N 117°30′13″W / 52.40333°N 117.50361°W / 52.40333; -117.50361[3]
Topo map NTS 83C/05

Mount Mitchell is a mountain located within the Sunwapta River valley of Jasper National Park, Canada, 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) southeast of Mount Morden Long.

Mt. Mitchell was named in 1970 for J.H. Mitchell and Mitchell Lobb, who were engineers for the Department of the Interior. Mitchell oversaw the construction of the Icefields Parkway from Jasper to the Banff-Jasper boundary.[2]


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