Mount Moroto

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Mount Moroto
Mount Moroto from the West side.JPG
Highest point
Elevation 3,083 m (10,115 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,818 m (5,965 ft)
Coordinates 02°31′30″N 34°46′21″E / 2.52500°N 34.77250°E / 2.52500; 34.77250Coordinates: 02°31′30″N 34°46′21″E / 2.52500°N 34.77250°E / 2.52500; 34.77250
Mount Moroto is located in Uganda
Mount Moroto
Mount Moroto
Location in Uganda
Location Moroto, Uganda

Mount Moroto, also Moroto Mountain (3,083 m or 10,115 ft), is a mountain in Uganda.


The mountain is adjacent to the town of Moroto in Moroto District, Karamoja, Northern Region of Uganda. It is approximately 3 kilometres (1.9 mi), by road, east of Moroto's central business district. Mount Moroto is one of a chain of volcanoes along Uganda's international border with Kenya that begins with Mount Elgon in the south and includes Mount Kadam and Mount Morungole. The region around Mount Moroto is a forest reserve protecting a range of habitats from arid thorn savanna to dry montane forest.[citation needed] The coordinates of Mount Moroto are 2°31'30.0"N, 34°46'21.0"E (Latitude:2.5250; Longitude:34.7725).[2]

Mountain climbing[edit]

The nature reserve that encloses Mount Moroto measures 483 square kilometres (119,000 acres) and contains over 220 bird species, monkeys and wild cats. Climbing trails exist and mountain guides are available.[citation needed]

Farming and irrigation[edit]

The natural springs on the slopes of the mountain coalesce to form springs and small rivers. The World Food Program is teaching the Karimajong people how to harvest and store that water and use it to irrigate agricultural produce for household food and for income generation.[3]

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