Mount Myōgi

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Mount Myōgi
Mount Myōgi in the summer
Highest point
Elevation 1,103 m (3,619 ft)
Coordinates 36°17′55″N 138°44′5″E / 36.29861°N 138.73472°E / 36.29861; 138.73472Coordinates: 36°17′55″N 138°44′5″E / 36.29861°N 138.73472°E / 36.29861; 138.73472
Mount Myōgi is located in Japan
Mount Myōgi
Mount Myōgi

Mount Myōgi (妙義山, Myōgi-san) is one of the major mountains in the Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Well known for its rocks weathered into fantastic forms, this famous peak is ranked among Japan's three most noted places of rugged beauty. There are many hiking courses, and when the foliage changes color there are splendid views to be seen.1

Mount Myōgi, along with Mount Akagi and Mount Haruna, is one of the "Three Mountains of Jōmō". (Jōmō is an old name for Gunma.)

In popular culture[edit]

Mount Myōgi is mentioned in the street racing manga, video game, and anime series Initial D. It is the home course of the racing team called the Night Kids, and is the setting for three races in the anime and manga.

1900 Massacre[edit]

In February 1900 a Japanese man killed seven people at the shrine in Myōgi, Japan. The man grabbed a sword from a policeman, killed the chief priest and three attendants, and then turned against the crowd who had rushed to the scene, murdering three other people, before he himself was killed.[1][2]

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