Mount Nabi Yunis

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Nabi Yunis
Mount Nabi Yunis in Halhul, Palestine.jpg
view from the mount
Highest point
Elevation1,030 m (3,380 ft)
Coordinates31°34′46″N 35°6′18″E / 31.57944°N 35.10500°E / 31.57944; 35.10500Coordinates: 31°34′46″N 35°6′18″E / 31.57944°N 35.10500°E / 31.57944; 35.10500

Nabi Yunis (Arabic: جبل النبي يونس‎) is the highest point of the Palestinian territories, with an altitude of 1,030 metres (3,350 ft).[1][2] It is located in the town of Halhul, Hebron Governorate.

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