Mount Nasu

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Mount Nasu
Nasu Mountains
Highest point
Elevation 1,916.9 m (6,289 ft)
Coordinates 37°09′N 139°57′E / 37.150°N 139.950°E / 37.150; 139.950Coordinates: 37°09′N 139°57′E / 37.150°N 139.950°E / 37.150; 139.950
Parent range Ōu Mountains
Mountain type Complex volcano
Last eruption November 1963

Mount Nasu (那須岳 Nasu-dake?) is a group of complex volcanoes in Japan. The tallest peak is Sanbonyari Peak at a height of 1,916.9 m (6,289 ft). Mount Nasu is one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains, and is located in the northeast part of Nikko National Park.

Major Peaks[edit]

Mount Nasu has the following major peaks:

  • Sanbonyari Peak 1916.9m
  • Chausu Peak 1915m
  • Asahi Peak 1896m
  • Minamigatsusan 1776m
  • Kuro-oya Peak 1589m

Thease peaks are known collectively as Nasu Five Peaks (那須5岳 Nasu-Go-Take?).


It is estimated that Mount Nasu started erupting 600 thousand years ago. The eruption started from the north end of the mountain range, at Kashi-Asahi Peak. Currently, only Chausu Peak is active.




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