Mount Nebo (Minnesota)

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Mount Nebo is a morainic drift hill in sections 4 and 9 of Stowe Prairie Township in Todd County, Minnesota. This hill was named "for the peak east of the north end of the Dead Sea, from whence Moses viewed the Promised Land." [1] Mount Nebo is located 2 miles north of Hewitt, Minnesota or 8 miles south of Wadena, Minnesota, in the northwest corner of Todd County.[2] Mount Nebo has an elevation of 461 meters or 1,512 feet. Mount Nebo was site to a ski resort in the 1970s and 1980s until it was shut down. Currently Mount Nebo is site of an AT&T tower. The west side of Mount Nebo holds a wind turbine which is owned by a regional electric cooperative.


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Coordinates: 46°21′22″N 95°06′26″W / 46.35611°N 95.10722°W / 46.35611; -95.10722