Mount Obama

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Mount Obama
Boggy Peak
Boggy Peak.JPG
Mount Obama
Highest point
Elevation 402 m (1,319 ft) [1]
Prominence 402 m (1,319 ft) [2]
Listing Country high point
Coordinates 17°02′31″N 61°51′04″W / 17.04194°N 61.85111°W / 17.04194; -61.85111Coordinates: 17°02′31″N 61°51′04″W / 17.04194°N 61.85111°W / 17.04194; -61.85111
Mount Obama is located in Antigua and Barbuda
Mount Obama
Mount Obama

Mount Obama (known as Boggy Peak until August 4, 2009) is the highest point of the Shekerley Mountains and of the island of Antigua. It lies in the southwest of the island at 17°2′31″N 61°51′4″W / 17.04194°N 61.85111°W / 17.04194; -61.85111,[2][3] and rises to a height of 402 metres (1,319 ft) and is named after Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States.


On August 4, 2009, the 48th birthday of U.S. President Barack Obama, Antiguan Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer renamed the mountain Mount Obama. Its former name was Boggy Peak.[4]

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