Mount Omoto

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Mount Omoto
Mount Omoto
Highest point
Elevation 525.5 m (1,724 ft)
Coordinates 24°25′38″N 124°11′00″E / 24.42722°N 124.18333°E / 24.42722; 124.18333Coordinates: 24°25′38″N 124°11′00″E / 24.42722°N 124.18333°E / 24.42722; 124.18333
Parent range Omoto Range

Mount Omoto (於茂登岳 Omoto-dake?) is a mountain located on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, Japan. Together with Kabira Bay it is a nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty.[1][2]


At 525.5 metres (1,724 ft) above sea level, Mount Omoto is the tallest mountain in Okinawa Prefecture. It is located on the island of Ishigaki, near the center of the Omoto Mountain Range, which runs east to west along the northern coast of the island.

Geologically, it is formed by granite from the Neogene Period. The Miyara River flowing from the northeast side and the Nagura River flowing from the south side of the mountain are vital sources of drinking and agricultural water on the island.