Mount Ord (Apache County, Arizona)

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Mount Ord
Mount Ord is located in Arizona
Mount Ord
Mount Ord
Location in Arizona
Highest point
Elevation 7,128 ft (2,173 m) [1]
Coordinates 33°54′18″N 111°24′33″W / 33.9050418°N 111.4093007°W / 33.9050418; -111.4093007Coordinates: 33°54′18″N 111°24′33″W / 33.9050418°N 111.4093007°W / 33.9050418; -111.4093007[2]
Location Maricopa County, Arizona, U.S.
Parent range Mazatzal Mountains

Mount Ord (7,128 ft (2,173 m)) is a mountain summit located in the Tonto National Forest on the northeastern edge of Maricopa County, Arizona[3] in the Mazatzal mountain range.[1] The county line dividing Maricopa County, Arizona and Gila County, Arizona passes across the summit of the peak.[4] It is not to be confused with the peak of Mount Baldy, Arizona, also referred to by some sources as "Mount Ord".[5][6] It is named after Major General Edward Ord.[7]

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