Mount Ouray

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Mount Ouray
Marshall Pass, Colorado, 1899.jpg
Mount Ouray above Marshall Pass in 1899.
Highest point
Elevation13,961 ft (4255.4 m) [1] NAVD88
Prominence2659 ft (810 m) [2]
Isolation13.58 mi (21.9 km) [2]
Coordinates38°25′22″N 106°13′29″W / 38.4227178°N 106.2247474°W / 38.4227178; -106.2247474Coordinates: 38°25′22″N 106°13′29″W / 38.4227178°N 106.2247474°W / 38.4227178; -106.2247474[1]
Mount Ouray is located in Colorado
Mount Ouray
Mount Ouray
LocationChaffee and Saguache counties, Colorado, United States[3]
Parent rangeSawatch Mountains[2]
Topo mapUSGS 7.5' topographic map
Mount Ouray, Colorado[1]
Easiest routeWest ridge, class 2

Mount Ouray is a high and prominent mountain summit in the far southern Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains of North America. The 13,961-foot (4255.4 m) thirteener is located in San Isabel National Forest, 7.5 miles (12.0 km) west (bearing 270°) of Poncha Pass, Colorado, United States, on the boundary between Chaffee and Saguache counties. The mountain was named in honor of Ute Chief Ouray.[1][2][3]


Mount Ouray makes up the southern tip of Sawatch Mountains, rising 7,000 feet above the Arkansas River Valley. Monarch Pass is four miles northwest of the peak.

The mountain is named after the Ute Chief Ouray. Nearby Mount Chipeta, just over a mile to the northwest of Mount Ouray, is named after Chief Ouray's wife.


The standard route is the west ridge. Starting at Marshall Pass, the route heads north along the Continental Divide until the west ridge of Mount Ouray is reached. From there, one can hike east along this ridge up to the summit.

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