Mount Oxford (Nunavut)

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Mount Oxford
Mount Oxford is located in Nunavut
Mount Oxford
Mount Oxford
Location in northern Canada
Elevation 2,210 m (7,250 ft)[1]
Location Nunavut, Canada
Range British Empire Range
Coordinates 82°09′55″N 73°10′54″W / 82.16528°N 73.18167°W / 82.16528; -73.18167Coordinates: 82°09′55″N 73°10′54″W / 82.16528°N 73.18167°W / 82.16528; -73.18167[1]
First ascent 1 May 1935

Mount Oxford is located on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada and was named for the University of Oxford. The first known ascent was in 1935 by A. W. Moore (sometimes listed as Morris) and Nukapinguaq, a Greenland Inuit, during the Oxford University Ellesmere Land Expedition, when Moore estimated the height as 9,000 ft (2,743 m).

It was not until 1957, when it was climbed for the second time during the International Geophysical Year that an accurate height was obtained.


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